Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Contest: Win Your Own Demon Sheep (and books)!

We interrupt this Saturday’s Love Letters from Mho Fho, for a very important announcement…

It has been a year since this guy entered into my life:


Mho Fho came out of nowhere and evolved from a story shared on Twitter. From there I ran with it and Mho became the official mascot of my blog and has become a very important presence in my world I’ve created here on-line.

He makes me laugh and allows me to tap into an inner personality I didn’t know I have. But now Mho has become like any other character from one’s imagination and feels much like a real entity.

Because of his anniversary, I’m holding a special holiday contest, a thank you to all of you who enjoy Mho’s antics and very honest opinions. This is your chance to adopt your own demon sheep! Not only do I have one demon sheep who needs a loving home, but two!

To find out more details and how to enter to win... Just click link below. 

Contest ends December 13th, 2009

Dont forget to say @Veronicatx sent ya! ;)

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