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Descent Into Dust by Jacqueline Lepore - ARC Review -

Descent into Dust by
Jacqueline Lepore
The Emma Andrews Series
HarperCollins Publishing
March 23rd 2010
Print $13.99
ARC book receieved by publisher for review

A young widow with an uncertain inheritance; a mysterious guest with unclear motives; a child in peril; and the dark, rain-lashed moors—Descent into Dust begins the Extraordinary Adventures of Emma Andrews, Victorian Lady and Vampire Hunter. The first in a spellbinding historical gothic series, Descent into Dust is ideal for readers of The Historian and Jane Austen fans alike.

Twenty-five-year-old widow Emma Andrews grew up in the shadow of her mother's madness, so when she arrives at Dulwich Manor in the midst of a mysterious plague and soon thereafter begins to see specters, her family fears fate has finally caught up with her. But one guest among them knows Emma's visions are more than a trick of the mind. Valerian Fox has hunted the great vampire lord Marius through time and across continents, and he knows Emma has a remarkable destiny. She is Dhampir—a vampire hunter.

Surrounded by those who would use her powers for their own ends, Emma does not know who to trust or what she can believe. But when her young cousin is marked for death, she must embrace the terrible inheritance that lies in her very blood to save those she loves.
An extraordinary saga of courage, love, duty, and honor, of darkest destiny and ancient evil . . . and of the shadow of the Dracula himself. It begins.

My Thoughts

Emma Andrews grew up with the whispers and stares of people wondering if she turned out like her mother. She has long learned to deal with it.

Yet even she is surprised when she arrives at her cousin’s home that at the same time a plague has developed, Emma begins to see strange apparitions.

Her judgmental family begin to believe Emma has fallen under the same madness that claimed her mother.

The only people that Emma begins to herself with are her young cousin, Henrietta, Sebastian and the strange Mr. Fox.

Yet no one could imagine the hell that is rising when Emma discovers the reality of those vampires does exist and one of the most evil and vile of vampires, Marius is getting closer to getting what he wants. What he wants now is young Henrietta.

Marius has two being standing in his way of achieving his goal, his longtime archenemy, Valerian Fox and Emma.

After somewhat slow start... Descent into Descent quickly commanded my whole attention and wouldn’t let me go until I finished reading it.

I love the cattiness attitude of some characters which just made the heroine Emma Andrews that much stronger.

Emma is much stronger than everyone gives her credit for. Luckily for Emma she has two men to back her up should trouble arises….which of course it does.

Sebastian, a notorious playboy but like Emma there’s more to him this reputation and the mysterious Valerian Fox; you just can’t help but want to fall under his spell as well.

Descent into Dust has the makings of becoming the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer *1. The similarities end with the vampire slaying however Ms. Lepore more than compensates readers with her own historical and gothic twist to the vampire slayer tale.

What an intriguing gothic tale Ms. Lepore has created. I could not help but enjoy the twists and turns at every page. I can only imagine the deliciousness that Jacqueline Lepore has in store for her readers in the next saga of The Emma Andrews Series.

And I quote the words of Claudia, the youngest vampire character of Interview with the Vampire... “I want some more!” *2

Watch out you blood sucking vampires…there’s a new slayer on the scene!

I rate Descent into Dust: Emma Andrews Book #1 a 4 out 4 Stars.

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*1 Buffy the Vampire belongs to and is trademark by Joss Weldon. No infringement intended.

*2 Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles movie & quotes belong to and trademark by Anne Rice, Geffen Pictures and Warner Bros, Pictures. No infringement intended.

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