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Review - The Earl Claims His Wife by Cathy Maxwell

In Stores September 29, 2009

Second book in the Scandals and Seductions series.


She'll be his perfect wife . . .

Preoccupied with fighting Napoleon and making love to his mistress, Brian Ransom has ignored his wife since their wedding. But now that he's become the Earl of Wright, he's ready to fetch his bride back to London. He's shocked to find she's become a bold, beautiful woman, exactly the kind he lusts after . . . and she wants nothing to do with him.

Lady Gillian is desperate to seize the love she's been denied . . . but not with her rakish husband! So she makes a bargain—for thirty days she'll be the perfect wife, then he'll set her free. But no matter how she hardens her heart against her damnable earl, her body begs her to surrender . . .

Avon Books - October 2009

ISBN-13: 978-0-06-135099-3 ISBN-10: 0-380-78716-4

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“Scandals and Seductions” series . . .

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Book Review:

Lady Gillian is in love. Too bad for her husband, the man she is in love with is not Brian. To Gillian, Andres Ramigio is the one that has her all hot and bothered. That is until her husband comes back to claim his wayward wife, Gillian.

Brian is back to fetch his wife. It is only right that his wife should be with her husband. What he did not count on was that his wife Gillian has become even more beautiful since he last saw her. Brian had no clue that he would have stiff competition for his wife’s affections.

Gillian is thrilled to finally meet an attractive man who actually cares for her. If only she was not married, she would have long ago thrown caution to the wind and accepted Andres’ advances. However, alas she has an annoying interfering aunt and even more annoying husband who are keeping Gillian from finding true happiness with Andres.

Brian made a huge mistake in abandoning his wife for the likes of his mistress. He has huge fight one his hands in trying win back the respect and love of Gillian. He cannot change the past but he damn well is going to whatever it takes to win over ‘his’ Gillian.

Gillian reluctantly accepts Brian’s bargain. She will be the perfect wife for thirty days. Brian is determined to do his best to have his wife love him once more.

Gillian is a force to be reckoned with. Brian is going to have his hands full in trying to ‘deal’ with his wife. They have no clue what their in for. I loved reading each page of The Earl Claims His Wife.

Cathy Maxwell needs no introduction. Cathy’s books speak for themselves. Each is bestselling sensations to their own rights. In addition, Ms. Maxwell’s latest, The Earl Claims His Wife is no exception. It has a unique twist to a new love story. Usually the man falls in love with a woman before she marries him--not the other way around.

Each character brought their own magic until the story. Brian has such an enduring and sexy way into seducing Gillian. I know what he did was wrong. However, the hell he is gone through is more than enough heartache anyone should suffer. It does not mean that Gillian does not deserve to give Brian a little payback. I am just glad that they both realize what they could lose if they do not give their marriage a real start.

We have plenty of dastardly characters like Brian’s retched father and his no good whore of mistress. They certainly deserve one another. Both of them, I would not shed a tear if they had been killed off--but alas, these poor excuse for characters belong to Ms. Maxwell.

Another character I loved was Andres. He definitely has sparked my interest and hope he gets the chance at his own leading woman and book.

My favorite character would have to be the tormented hero named Brian. He so deserve to have the love a good woman named Gillian.

The Earl Claims His Wife is the story about a torment hero with a heart of gold. Its about a wife who will not settle for just being second best. She will not rest until she either has all of her husband love and respect or nothing at all.

Cathy Maxwell has another bestselling title to add to her collection. The drama alone can draw n many readers but I think what most people will love is the battle of wills these two characters will put each other through. The sparks and fists will fly in The Earl Claims His Wife.

I happily give The Earl Claims His Wife a rating of 5 Stars.

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Strictly Romance Reviews

About The Author

Tinker, Tailor, Sailor, Spy . . .

New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell has lived a full and adventurous life. Her resume includes years as a naval officer working with Security Group, to time spent managing a watch factory, with a stint as a news broadcaster and work designing costumes for theater productions thrown in for good measure. Today, Cathy spends hours in front of her computer pondering the question, "Why do people fall in love?" It remains for her the great mystery of life and the secret to happiness. She lives in the Richmond, Virginia, area surrounded by kids, dogs,

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