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Authorpalooza Day Guest Author: Erin Kellison

Strictly Reviews blog entry
Erin Kellison, March 31, 2010

Thank you so much to Veronica for inviting me Strictly Review’s Authorpalooza.

I’m Erin Kellison and I write dark fantasy romance.

My first two books, Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall, come out this summer.
Here’s the back cover blurb of Shadow Bound:

Some people will do anything to avoid it. Even trade their immortal souls for endless existence.

Secretly, inexorably, they are infiltrating our world, sucking the essence out of unsuspecting victims with their hideous parody of a kiss.

Adam Thorne founded the Institute to study and destroy his monster of a brother, but the key to its success is held in the pale, slender hand of a woman on the run. There is something hauntingly different about Talia O’Brien, her unknowing sensuality, her uncanny way of slipping into Shadow.

This is the place between life and what comes after - a dark forest of fantasy, filled with beauty, peril, mystery. And Talia is about to open the door.

I am super excited because they are both Publisher’s Pledge titles, which means Dorchester, my publisher, is offering a money back guarantee if a reader doesn’t like the story. For more information, check out

1. How long have you been writing?

Long time. I started trying to write stories in elementary school. All of them had some sort of dark paranormal/fantasy elements, probably because I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Still am. Looking back, I think my best stuff came in nightmares, except the things that scare me now, seem kinda cool, too. The first nightmare I can remember was me running through the wet, nighttime streets of New York City, a giant shark fin following close behind. Yes, in the concrete. I ran into an alley, only to come to a dead end. The shark leaped out of the pavement, mouth gaping, razor-sharp teeth bared. Okay, that one probably won’t make it into any books.

2. What were your reactions when you heard your first book was going to be published?

Total shock. I was still in my pjs. My husband was just about to take my eldest to school when a 212 number called my phone. I let it go to voice mail because my littlest was being a monkey (probably literally). I picked up the message, listened, saved it carefully, then ran out into the street like a crazy woman to stop my husband from driving away. He wrangled the kids while I called my editor-to-be back. I can’t exactly remember what she said, but the impression I have is good. I still have her original call saved on my voice mail.

3. What's one day in the life of Erin Kellison like?

Which day? They are all different. My best writing days are spent with me in a chair and not getting up until I hit my word count. Snacks help. Email is dangerous. The Internet is worse. And don’t even get me started on Twitter. I usually write in the morning and then once the word count is reached, the rest of the day is spent with my family.

4. Do you have a current project you’re working on or something you plan to begin soon?

Yes, I am currently working on the third book in my Shadow series, called Shadowman, which returns to the inciting characters of Shadow Bound. It’s a tricky story, but I see glimmers of possibility here and there. I hate to say it, but of all the characters, lately I’m digging my bad guy the most. I think that’s a good sign.

5. In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of being a published author?

Time. I am always fighting for more time. It was a juggling act before. Now I’m the poor circus clown who spins all those plates. It’s worth it though.

6. What’s the most rewarding?

The ping. I hear it in my head when I get a scene right. Otherwise I have to keep writing and reworking. If I go beyond a scene or chapter without the ping, inevitably I have to go back and rework. The ping is paramount. And it feels so good.

7. If you could co-author a book with any of your fellow authors or anyone from anywhere, who would you choose and why?

My sister. I’ve actually already written a book with her, and I had so much fun doing it.

8. Describe your writing process.

I start with a character and find a quintessential fairy tale that speaks to his or her situation. I take the fairy tale to a dark but modern place. Then I torture him and tempt him and hurt him bad. Then beat him up until all he has left is guts and passion. I don’t spare my heroines either. And then I let them have a near happily ever after, near because there is always more to do. Before I begin, I also have big moments planned. I can often see those scenes clearly, even way back at the beginning. The rest I work out as I go along.

9. What is the most interesting place you’ve ever visited?

Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. A ruin of a castle at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The stone stairs to the top are terrifyingly deadly. The super cool thing is that they don’t have safety rails. Parents beware. But I found it so beyond cool to walk to the edge of the cliff, among the ruins of the castle, breathing in the remnants of legend, like I was at the edge of the world.
10. What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

My first novel, Shadow Bound, will be released in July, with the sequel Shadow Fall out in August. I’ll also be launching some companion websites for the books in the coming months with some fun interactive content. In the meantime, everyone can check my main website,, for updates, blog posts, and contests.

So what’s your favorite nightmare? One lucky commenter will win a free copy of Shadow Bound. Good luck!

Everyone is eligible to enter including those living outside the U.S. 

Thank you, Erin. I hope you all stop by and show some love by leaving your questions and comments below. I for one am jealous that one of you lucky commenters will get the chance to win Shadow Bound.

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Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Great interview to kick off the Authorpalooza! :-) Thanks for making me discover Erin Kellison and for making this an international contest!

First off Erin, congratulations on being published! Shadow Bound sounds exciting, would love to read it! It's great you wrote a book with your sister /I have two and love them :-)/

I tweeted about the contest here:

My favourite(?) nightmares are that my family/sisters are in danger and somehow with some military training or capabilities I am able to protect them and help escape. Since we are mostly on the run it is quite a tiresome nightmare :-)

Thanks for the interview Erin and wishing you good luck and lots of success for the future /=and many more books for us readers! ;-)/!


stella.exlibris (at) gmail DOT com

Laurie London said...

Great interview. Howdy, Erin!

I can't wait to read Shadow Bound. Sounds dark and tantalizing--my kind of read! And how fun that your sister writes. Mine does too and it's awesome.

Nightmares? Not sure I can top the shark fin swimming through the pavement, but I did have a thing about not dangling my arms and legs over the bed when I slept. I dreamt that a monster living under my bed would come out at night and chop off anything that hung over the edge.

Congrats again, Erin!

Tes Hilaire said...

caves and cars.. Though not in that order. Since as young as I can remember I've been having a nightmare about your average, everyday drive home, only in my dream I can't stop... and drive off a cliff, into a telephone pole, on-coming traffic, mountainside... you name it, I've crashed into it, most before I even turned sixteen. More recent (i.e. post gaining my drivers license) I've been having reoccurring nightmares about spelunking. I always start out somewhere and have to get to someplace else, but the only way is to go through this really tight, skin-scrapping tunnel/cave. Might not be so bad except I'm claustrophobic. Yikes! I think I've finally figured out the correlation with the last one though... I always dream about the caves when I have something in my life that I need to do, something hard, in order to get to the next 'phase.' Hmmmm... do you think the car one could be the typical 'my life is out of control' dream? And, if we're analyzing dreams.. just what does your shark dream mean?

Can't wait to grab up your books, Erin!


elizabeth said...

Wow! Great interview. I loved reading it. Congrats Erin! I can't wait to read Shadow Bound. It sounds so good.

My favorite nightmare. Wow that's tough....I don't know if favorite is the right word to use, but one nightmare I always have is when my dad is driving with me and my sisters in the car. As he drives on a freeway overpass, there is an earthquake and the car ends up falling off the overpass onto the freeway. I always wake up before it hits the ground though.

Once again, congrats Erin!

I tweeted also:
pirate_pony2 at yahoo dot com

Robin K said...

I love this cover.

My favorite nightmare... I think they are the ones that involve paranormal activity. I cannot for the life of me remember any details now.

Tweeted here:

amberscottproject said...

Let it be me!!!
Wonderful interview, Erin. I can't wait for your release and the follow-ups. Your cover is simply gorgeous and I love the titles.

I had a recurring nightmare as a child of a serial killer in an ice cream truck. He looked like George Thorogood and I made my mom check my snowboots for pieces of tongue in them every morning after.

KC Klein said...

WOW I love the cover. Did you get to have any input about the art?

Congrats on three books is a series that says a lot. Must be great books, can't wait to read them.

I love the idea of dark fairy tails. The thought of taking something sweet and childlike and turning it into something twisted and spooky is really take a peak inside your head...hhmmmm.

Nightmares? Ok this one is true I promise. I once dreampt that I was a waffle,stuck in a waffle iron and couldn't get out. After I woke up I realized that I was sleeping on one of those foam paddings that looked like a yellow egg carton. Anyways, that probably effected my dream about being a waffle. Nightmare or a need for meds? Still haven't figured out that one.
Best wishes!!

Erin Kellison said...

Hey everybody! Thanks for the great responses and sweet comments. Made my day. It's so great to meet you all.

Stella--It's no fun when family is danger, but the military abilities are super cool. Say hi to your sisters for me! :)

Laurie--I had witches under my bed! To this day can't dangle my hands and feet off, though I know (hope) there's nothing there. It's so great that your sister writes, too. What's her name and where can we find her stuff?

Tes--Caves and cars, eh? I recommend chocolate and lots of it! As for the shark dream. I was a little kid and I have no idea where it came from. I just laugh now when I picture the fin in the pavement. Why is it that the dream is still vivid in my mind, but memories from that time are far dimmer?

Elizabeth--Family in danger is always the worst, but it shows how deeply you love them. I'm not crazy about overpasses either, and I'll bet Tes (above) has been there in dreams too. I think it's really cool how we all intersect.

Robin--So glad you like the cover. Yeah, most of my dreams are paranormal, too. The everyday can be scary, but more scary (for me) are things I don't understand.

Amber--I totally agree with you. Ice cream truck drivers always spook me. Your poor mom! I can just imagine her consternation when you asked her to check for tongues. :)

KC--Let me get this straight, because it just too good. You were a waffle. Stuck in a waffle iron. And all because you slept on that foam stuff. I think you just beat out my shark fin in the concrete for nuttiness. Congratulations.

Melanie said...

This is an awesome start to the authorpalooza!Great interview and I just love the cover. I will certainly put this book on my wish list. :)

Now for the nightmares...I had a recurring nightmare as a child about the cartoon character Madame Medusa from the Disney movie "The Rescuers". I don't know why but that woman terrified me. I had dreams she was looking at me through a window and once she just came out of a garbage bag to scare the hell out of me. lol I'm kinda embarassed to admit that but hey, don't forget that I was just a kid! Those nightmares lasted for years. That wasn't one of my favorites because I couldn't think of a "favorite" one. It's just the first one that came to mind. :)

Melanie said...

I tweeted :

donnas said...

Great interview. It sounds like a really good series. Looking forward to it.

tweet -

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Jayden said...

I agree this is a great start to Authorpalooza! Wonderful interview - I pre-ordered Shadow Bound on Amazon cause I know it's going to be right up my alley. Can't wait to get it!

I had a really scary nightmare just last week, I was lost in the desert driving at night, all alone of course. But even though I was terrified I kept thinking what a great setting it would make for a story :)

Tori [Book Faery] said...

My favorite nightmare? Eek... when I was younger, my parents always used to play the old school monster movies. In turn, I would have dream after dream about vampires chasing after me, trying to kill me. They used to scare me to death, until one night, while I was being stalked in the dream, I stopped running. On some level, I realized it was a dream, and suddenly two huge flames burst out of my hands and I went to kick some vampire ass. Every nightmare after that, if I was getting stalked, I would, at some point, defend myself. It was awesome :)

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

karen_petersen said...

This series looks great! I am very interested. Would you classify this series as 'young adult'? I ask because the model on the book 1 cover looks so young. But UF romance and dark fantasy is usually quite adult in nature. Which is how I like them. :-)

angie said...

Great interview! Favorite nightmare? I surely wouldn't call any nightmare a favorite but my nightmares usually involve mice! I can not stand them!!
I tweeted
email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com

Melanie said...

Tweeted again!

bianca_riot said...

Great start to Authorpalooza. Fab interview, made me smile.

My favourite nightmares,, i dont know how to answer that considering i never seem to hae nightmares, i used to have this weird one where i was claustrophobic, but when im awake im not...but i did have a dream the other day that i went to america-its not a nightmare but i hope it comes true!



bianca_riot said...

that hae would be a have**

Rosie said...

I'm really excited about reading this book. Thanks for the contest!

Erin Kellison said...

Morning everyone! Checked back in and I am so excited to see that others dropped by. Thanks for the great comments!

Melanie--No need to be embarrassed about your nightmare. I had one last night about spiders, except my spiders had eight legs and a single hand... and that single hand had a hamburger helper glove on it. Don't ask me why. I have never eaten hamburger helper. I think your disney medusa dream is way cooler than that! Thanks for the double tweets!

Donnas--Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like the book. Thanks for tweeting, too. :)

Jayden--You pre-ordered the book!? I think I love you! Lost in the desert, eh? I live in AZ, I know how creepy those deserts can be at night.

Angie--Mice?! Ack! I can see why you putting "favorite" in front of that "nightmare" wouldn't work. I hope you like the books though!

Bianca_Riot--No nightmares? You can have the one I had last night about the hamburger helper spiders. :) The spiders were scary, but the little poofy gloves just made me go, "whaaat?" Thanks for coming by!

Barbara E. said...

Erin, your books sound really good, I'll be looking for them as they come out.
Nightmares? The only one I can remember involves walking through a huge spiderweb and having it get all over me and then I'm frantically trying to find the spider that goes with it.

Melanie said...

Another tweet :

Aik said...

My favourite nightmare? I remembered the one where my fictional stepmother was after me, wanting to hunt me down and kill me.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Aik said...

I tweeted:

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Erin Kellison said...

Hi folks!

Barbara--Walking into a spider web is eeewwww. Is that how that's spelled? :) I've actually done that in real life a time or two. I hope you enjoy the books!

Melanie--Thanks for the super-tweeting!!

Aik--Fictional stepmothers are right up my alley. :) There has to be a twisted fairy tale behind that! Thanks for the tweet!

Melanie said...

Tweeted again :D

Melanie said...

Tweeted again :

Anonymous said...

Besure to get the book on amazon and a kindle.