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Dark Side of Dawn by Kathryn Smith - Review


Dark Side of Dawn by Kathryn Smith

Avon Books
Urban Fantasy Romance
ISBN #9780061632716
December 2009

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Book Description:

Life can be a nightmare. Literally.

On the surface, it might seem like I, Dawn Riley, have it all. I've got a great job, a boyfriend who loves me . . . but my family life is a different story.

As the mortal daughter of the King of Dreams, I have an ability to exist between both worlds . . . which is terrifying to some. Now the Nightmare Council claims I've broken their laws and is threatening to have me "unmade." And if that's not bad enough, I need to track down a vicious criminal responsible for several savage attacks—before he finds me.

I'm lucky enough to have Noah by my side, and he'll do whatever it takes so that we can have a future together. In the end, though, this is my battle. The fate of a world rests upon my shoulders, and it seems the best that I can hope for is not to die in my sleep . . .

Book Review:

Dawn may now more control of her powers but once again there those who seek to destroy her.

She is currently training hard with Verek even with the tension that is developing between them. Can she really trust him.

The only one she can really count on is her lover, Noah. Right?

Yet Noah has things going on as well the hell his ex-wife is going through.

There are things in place to will their hardest to destroy Dawn and her loved ones. She has more enemies coming out from all ends. Will Dawn be enough to keep all those she holds dear alive?

Noah Clarke and Dawn Riley are two peas in a pod. They both seek to protect each other no matter how much pain the asses they can be.

Verek is once more his strong, sexy and charming self. But who’s side is Verek really on?

There’s now the Warden who’s sole mission in her life to destroy Dawn. Why is Padera so determined to destroy her? Dawn knows that the lies with her father, Morpheus. Does she really want to know what secrets he’s keeping from her?

Intrigue. Assassination attempts. Lies. Secret alliances. Dawn is going to have do whatever it takes to make it alive to protect her loved ones.

I find myself very excited about The NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES by Kathryn Smith.

Kathryn Smith returns to treat readers with another amazing addition to her series. I am kicking myself for just now discovering Ms. Smith’s novels.

She brings back her readers favorite characters and introduces us to some new intriguing ones that we have yet to see if they are good or evil.

The twists and turns that Ms. Smith puts Dawn through is more than enough to keep everyone have a good time reading Dark Side of Dawn.

I love Noah. I love Verek. I don’t know who am rooting for Dawn to be with at the end. These two men have lots going for them. Yet I can’t help but wonder just who the hell these men really are?

All I know from reading Dark Side of Dawn that there is a storm coming. Dawn had better be prepared for what’s yet to come.

I give Dark Side of Dawn a rating of 5 Stars.

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Strictly Reviews

About the Author:

Just Call Me Kate

I decided I wanted to be a romance writer when I was 10 years old and had just finished reading a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's Ashes In the Wind, which I had 'liberated' from my older sister. I tried writing my own romance, complete with love scene (my poor mother!) soon after. Though I toyed with other genres growing up (I especially loved horror and fantasy) and did the typical teen poetry purge, I always came back to romance. These days, being able to combine my love of romance with my fascination for the paranormal is one of the highlights of my life.

My first book was published in 2001 through Avon Romance. Since then I've published over a dozen books and made the jump from straight historical romance to paranormal historical romance. I've also become a USA Today bestselling author! In 2008 I'll be embarking on a new adventure with the publication of my first romantic urban fantasy series, The Nightmare Chronicles. And yes, I'll still be writing historical paranormal romance as well. Why give up a good thing when I can have my cake and eat it too?

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Honestly, I could use a good night's sleep. But ever since I met Noah Clarke, I'm even more torn between the two worlds: smart, sexy, and able to control his own dreams, Noah could be my perfect man—except he's being stalked in his sleep by an unearthly evil, hell-bent on destroying him . . . and the entire world.

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