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Perfection by Kris Cook - A Review

Perfection (Eternally Three) Kris Cook
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
September 2009
Erotic Menage

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While searching for her missing brother, Micki Langley visits a nightclub with a notorious reputation as mnage a trois central and comes face-to-face with two amazing men straight from her fantasies.

Ancient jinn Jared endures heavy guilt and wants nothing to do with the human girl. Tripling is necessary to keep immortals alive, but his hunger for Micki is far beyond normal.

Though warrior angel Bradley completes their threesome, he despises Jared for his tainted reputation. He vows the jinn won't hurt the gorgeous human and has no problem fighting him to prove it.

But when the threesome comes together, they share more than an exchange of energy, they share an unshakable bond that generates astounding power. Their enemies seek to destroy their perfect triad, which could unsettle the balance of power between angels and demons. Will the threesome be able to stand strong together - in trust and love - to defeat the relentless evil?


Once again I am forced aside for The Goddess
At least I won't be shoved out of the way this time.

Hello Darlings..

Your Goddess has return to introduce you to an new kind of novel. You all must be wondering what I did to convince Veronica to give up control of this review… Well too bad..

That’s one secret I’ll never tell . . . .

Okay, mortals.. Let’s get down to business. . . Time is money as you humans say.

Let me introduce to Micki.. Apparently she is isn’t like the rest of you humans.. She is much more. Micki is on a mission to find her missing brother, Eric. He’s all Micki has left in this world…. Cue the violins…

That is until she is lured to a sex club, Zone Three for clues to find Eric. What she doesn’t know is that there is a hell of lot more going on than just her missing brother… The fate of the world will rest on the hands Micki and her sex on a stick men, Bradley and Jared.

Oh boy can I say that Micki will be one lucky bitch once Bradley and Jared get through with her. Something unusual arises from the mini sex-a-thon between this trio.

Meanwhile behind the scenes of this sex-a-thon, is the master behind this setup… David… And let me tell you don’t want to mess with him… He’s mine for now… Sorry Kris… you can have him back once I am done with him… Where was I? Oh that’s right.. David. David set this plan in motion for Micki to find herself at Zone Three Club.. He has hopes that Micki can accomplish something never done before with Jared and Bradley.

Shame on David.. You shouldn’t play with people’s emotions.. Luckily for my sexy David, his plan works better than even he can imagine. The council David is a part of now knows that an dangerous enemy will soon be released unless they get their asses in gear.. No dillydally will be allowed.. They have to work together even if they hate each other’s guts. The truth eventually comes out and Micki doesn’t know who she can trust. Can she really put the life her brother in the hands of two men she just met. Well she better think quickly because time is running out.. Eric may not be the only one who’s life in on the line.

I find myself wondering what possessed me to write another review for Veronica. But then I remember I have a new plaything slash lover, David.

Thank you, Kris Cook. I’ll try return the same way he was taken.. I mean given to me. ;)

Once again, I find myself compelled to give 5 out of 5 of those silly Stars Strictly Reviews gives to the books.

Well.. What the hell are you still doing here?

Didn’t The Goddess just give you another great book to buy…

And don’t you forget to worship me, darlings…
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Okay, you’re all dismissed… Shooo!

Reviewed by

The one and only Goddess!
Strictly Reviews


Larissa said...

LOL the goddess was great as usual LOL

Love the review V... it sounds very interesting =)))


Veronica said...

Thanks, hun!!!


Kris_Cook said...

I found this via Google Alert. Thank you, GODDESS (and Veronica).

Your humble servant,

Kris Cook