Saturday, March 6, 2010

Miss Little White Lies!

I was tagged by Sagi to this fun challenge! (No, more like nagged poor Sagi until she gave in. teehee! ) Serious though, Sagi is one cool gal who's blog you must simply visit and follow! :)

I’ll have to post seven items about me, only TWO of which are true. The others are “little white lies”.

You have to try to figure out which two are true, and leave a comment.

Here goes nothing!

1. I am blonde.

2. Got much love for Dean (Jensen Ackles)

3. I owned two dogs named Greys, the other Anatomy.

4. Love to eat lobster.

5. Favorite season is Summer.

6. I spend my summers in Colorado.

7.  Have a baby cousin 30 years younger than me.

Okay there you have it.. Which two of these are the truth and which are my little white lies.

You've been tagged!




Larissa said...

ooooh I think 1 and 7 are true =P hehe

Thaks so much for tagging me!!! I'll do the game on my monday post!!! =)))


Book Goddess No 1 said...

I think 2 and 7 are true because honestly who doesn't love Jensen :)

Thanks for tagging me. I like to learn about people.

Sagi said...

I think 2 and 7 are true :) I'm glad you enjoyed doing this :D and thank you!! :D

Melanie said...

I'll go with 2 and 7!
#3 made me laugh! lol
I know #5 is a lie for sure 'cause I remember you said on Twitter that it was fall your favorite season! :)