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Review! The Sweethearts' Knitting Club by Lori Wilde

The Sweethearts' Knitting Club by Lori Wilde
Avon Books Publishing
ISBN: 006180889X
November 2009
Mass Market PB - Ebook

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Book Description:

Welcome to Twilight, Texas, pop.6,000—Quaint and quirky, it’s the perfect place to fall in love again . . .

Jesse Calloway was once the brooding bad boy of Twilight, and Flynn McGregor was the girl who meant the world to him. But he never truly fit in, and before long all his opportunities—for romance, for success—slipped away. Now he’s back, all grown up and ready to even the score. Ready to find the woman who should have been his and make her happier than she ever thought possible.

Flynn hasn’t forgotten about Jesse. But she’s made a life for herself in Twilight, a life of friends, family, and the Sweetheart’s Knitting Club, the ladies she keeps in stitches even though she doesn’t know her purls from her pearls. So when the sparks fly once more, she’ll have to decide if she can trust Jesse again . . . and if her high school sweetheart can become her forever love.

Book Review

Jesse has only one thing on his mind… That is to get revenge on the one man that got Jesse sent away to prison for many years.

But that train of thought goes out the window once, he sees Flynn MacGregor. It does not completely derail his plans for revenge… With Flynn, it just made revenge all that much sweeter.

Flynn is proposed to by her boyfriend, Beau repeatedly yet she keeps turning him. She knows that deep down he is perfect for her. However, Flynn cannot stop thinking of the one she lost…Jesse Calloway.

Flynn is excited to see Jesse is back. Even if all Flynn and Jesse will ever remain as just good friends. Too bad no one told Jesse that as he manages to use time with Flynn to his advantage.

Luckily, for Flynn she has the women of The Sweethearts' Knitting Club to keep from driving herself crazy. Better, believe these women know how to keep Flynn on her toes.

All the women in The Sweethearts' Knitting Club are married except for Flynn. They each try to convince Flynn to marry her long time boyfriend, Beau. However, they have no clue that Flynn deep down does not have a clue as to whom she really loves…

Flynn comes off as a very indecisive woman stringing along to people… However, as the story moves along we get to see the real woman inside Flynn come alive and fight for what she truly wants.

Flynn just wants to make everyone happy at the cost of her own happiness. With Jesse’s arrival, back in Twilight, Texas it forces Flynn to come to terms with her life and the changes she has to make.

Jesse is standoffish but he truly cares for Flynn. Beau is the man plenty of women would love to marry but he only has eyes for Flynn. Beau may care for Flynn but is it for the right reasons?

I definitely enjoyed reading this love triangle. Jesse and Flynn deal with lot more drama than most couple has normally had to deal with. Beau is a force to be reckoned with the people surrounding him. He knows how to manipulate the people of around him. Out of the three in this love triangle, I became more fascinated with Beau. Especially after reading his life’s back-story including what his family is really like. I hope that Beau finds what could make truly happy.

Of course, one must not forget about the women of The Sweethearts' Knitting Club. They are truly one amazing group of women. I definitely enjoyed their gossip and misplaced advice to Flynn. Even if she did not want to friendly advice from these women.

In conclusion, The Sweethearts' Knitting Club by Lori Wilde is one memorable tale of love and romance.

I give The Sweethearts' Knitting Club a rating of 4 Stars.

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