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The Battle Sylph by L.J. McDonald (A Review)

The Battle Sylph by L.J. McDonald
Dorchester Publishing
March 2010
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6300-7

Warning: This book may contain spoilers. Its an ARC book review. Read at your own risk.


In a world where Elemental Sylphs are used for slave labour, Solie thought her biggest problem in life was avoiding an arranged marriage with an older man. That is, until she finds herself kidnapped for use as a human sacrifice in the luring and binding of a Battler, the most dangerous kind of Sylph there is. Terrified but determined not to die, Solie fights back and finds herself suddenly the master of an immensely powerful, shape-changing creature who can take on any form she wishes.

Heyou, however, isn't the only Battle Sylph around, and the two of them are forced to run, pursued by men determined to destroy them both. With no other options left to her, Solie flees with her newfound allies to the only source of sanctuary left to them, but death is tracking them down and Heyou is filling her with desires that threaten to change the world.

Book Review

There are lots of things we humans are not aware of. Such are creatures like the Sylph. In a twisted and cruel sacrifice that young virgins are forced into to lure Sylphs into our world to become slaves to certain men.

During one of these attempted sacrifices, something goes wrong and a young woman is saved from death by a Sylph.

Solie runs away trying to escape an arranged marriage to a creepy old man her father wants as her husband.

By a strange twist of fate, she is kidnapped to endure an even more painful ritual to will lead to Solie’s death. A Sylph is summoned but instead of the girl getting murdered, the prince who called forth the Sylph winds up the one dead.

Solie and her new found champion which she unwittingly nicknames him, Heyou soon turns into someone any girl can fall in love with.

Heyou knows he’s met his future queen. But he must follow her rules for Solie is now his master.

A female master is unheard of and many seek to destroy her.

I am truly in love with this novel. It has been such an amazing experience reading The Battle Sylph. It has lots funny scenes and I absolutely love the characters. The imagination of L.J. McDonald rocks! I love her new world and cannot wait until the next saga in this series!

L.J. McDonald is the author to keep an eye out for in 2010. I can’t explain it anymore clearer. The Battle Sylph has the perfect amount of romance, action, suspense and comedy.

Anymore I can definitely ruin this book for others. Especially since The Battle Sylph is a short but fast and entertaining novel to read.

All left to say is…WOW!!!

I gave The Battle Sylph a 5 Star Rating!!!

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