Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tracy Anne Warren Giveaway - Winners Announced

Thanks to you all who took the time to sign up for this contest and follow.

I used to choose the winners.

The number that got selected were #85 and #6.

The winner of the three books of Tracy Anne Warren Bryns of the Braesbourne Series is:


The Winner of a copy of At The Duke's Pleasure is:

Melanie V

Thanks again to all who enter.. Check back soon.. Another contest coming soon!

Winners have until Monday to send me their addresses. 

Email me at strictlyreviews AT live DOT com



tweetybrd22 said...

I have emailed you please let me know if you get it. Thanks Again :)

Veronica said...

Yes, I got it. Sorry I email you back to your gmail account. had to be sure it was you.

Thanks again for entering!


Rex Robot Reviews said...

I'm jealous!