Monday, February 15, 2010

Domination Plantation by Destiny Blaine

Domination Plantation by Destiny Blaine
Erotic Domination / submission
On Sale now from Siren Bookstrand $5.67

Jules and Brogan Evans aren't in any position to help out with their brother’s daughter, but they aren’t exactly the kind of men to turn away family when one of their own is in need.

Besides, it’s just for one month.

They can manage anything and anyone for thirty days. That is, until their eighteen year-old niece shows up with match-making ideas on her mind and the perfect candidate at her side.


Book Excerpt:

Jenna looked like a sexy green Martian. Even with a green peel covering her skin, her beauty radiated right through the crusty wrinkles of her little at-home facial. The girls sported pajama pants and low-cut camisoles, fitted and probably deemed appropriate by some standards. Only Jenna’s get-up captured every crevice and curve.

Jules couldn’t help himself. He took the time to notice, but he resisted the urge to rubberneck it and look at her backside. Jenna turned around anyway and he took it as a green light for gawking. Some things were worth a second look, not that he so much as glanced away in the first place. He just gaped and didn’t care if his brothers, or his niece for that matter, noticed.

"You girls are going to scare the critters," Heath told them before he hugged Serena and then Jenna. "Now both of you behave. I’ll leave the boys here your money and if you need anything, ask ‘em for it.” He pulled his wallet out and started to hand them some cash.

Brogan flatly refused. "We got it for a month."

Jules thought he should’ve placed a little emphasis on the thirty-day factor, not because of the money but because it was about all a man could stand if he was forced to walk around with a perpetual hard-on.

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