Sunday, April 4, 2010

Authorpalooza 2010 - Updated

Welcome everyone to our first annual Authorpalooza 2010!!! What's authorpalooza you say? Well.. Its in month long celebration of my first year blog anniversary! Its been a wonderful year and lots of wonderful authors have come together to make this a wonderful celebration.

March 31st 
Erin Kellison
Lisa Pietsch
Shirin Dubbin
Stella Price
Nichole R Bennett
Leanna Renee Hieber
Candace Havens
Leslie L. Sanders
Stephanie Draven
Mel Tescho + Anna Hackett
Samantha Hunter
Lissa Matthews
Jaye Wells
Maribeth Graham
Destiny Blaine
Sean Cummings
Donna Grant
Liz Fielding
John Locke
Leigh Ellwood
A.P. Stephens
Chris Redding
Shannon Delany
Alexandra Diaz
Luke Romyn
Chandra Ryan
Claude Bouchard
Eliza Gayle
Tracey O'Hara

Leslie Dicken

Be sure to stop by and comment to be enter to win each of the author's day here for Authorpalooza.

*Note not all author's giveaways will be international so please check each post.*

I am also doing giveaways throughout the month of April. Thanks to people at HarperCollins Publishing I have at least 15 sets of all three 'The Awakening Heroes' by Joss Ware to giveaway along with other surprise goodies and books purchased by me.

For my giveaways everyone is welcomed to enter including those living outside the U.S.

All you have to do is seach each of the author's sites or blogs for this little button.

Enter your links in the comment section below.
Bonus entries:
Tweet a message with the hashtag #Authorpalooza2010
(and tweet as much as you want)
Post the links of your tweets below.

+4 Each
Share on facebook, blog post about Authorpalooza, Grab the blog button and at to your sidebar.

+4    New Blog Follower
+7    Old Blog Follower

+10  For each new blog follower you recruit. Be sure to include recruiter's name.

+3 For each daily comment at each of the author's day post.

+1 Add up points

If we can get #Authorpalooza2010 as a trending topic on twitter, then I will include two more books to the already huge pile of our giveaways. 

Which could be any of the following once they are released on sale:

Undead and Unfinished by MaryJanice Davidson
Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton
Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

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