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Authorpalooza Day 4 - Guest Author - Stella Price

Strictly Reviews proudly presents One half of the award winning best selling writing team of Stella and Audra Price, Stella is the older and more worldy of the two sisters. Stella and Audra write several series,
including the Eververse series, the Dragon elementals series,
Duvall Inc. and the Keepers of twilight series.

Stella Price

What was it like the first time you decided to pursue becoming an author? And just how did it come about that be a co-author with your sister?

Long story. Lemme sum up. Aud and I needed something to do together to spend time together. We figured out we both love writing and it progressed from there.

What’s your writing schedule like? Or do you write a little bit everyday?

Used to be every day 5-8 hours. But with the baby we are down to maybe 2 hour every two weeks. Im working solo right now getting shit ready for when we need the both sides of it.

Of all the books you and your sister written, which one has been your favorite, and which character or couple are your favorites?

Character? Aud and I have a thing for our badboy brothers, Oscar and Drake. We cant pick a favorite book yet though.

Which of the books and/or characters gave you the most trouble to write?

Toss up between the Duvall Inc. Series, and the Dragon series. both of the main characters in these like to either play it close to the hip or demand too much.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest release?

Entwined by Fate is the first of its kind, a novel that focuses on weresnakes. The story is about the 5 nests in the USA that have found out that 30 of their females have been stolen and they have to figure out why. Toss in the rekindled relationship between an Archon (head of the nest, like an Alpha) and her believed to be long dead mate, and sparks fly.

Do you think you might branch out and write in other genres?

We write in all genres, just not as slavish as some... well except YA. we wont write YA, neither of us have any interest in unconsummated relationships of angst and yearning for kids.

I noticed the were snakes series you got going on.. What made you two decide on take on this new shape shifters?

Because neither of us like that wolves have top billing. DOGS SMELL WHEN THEY ARE WET! and they are exceedingly violent. Snake shifters are sensual, sexy and rule with quiet force. So we wanted everyone to know about them. Scales after all, are the new fur.

Where were you and/or what were you doing the first time you heard you were going to be a published author?

I was checking email. I got an email from a pub saying they were going to publish a short of ours. I called Audra.

What’s one thing that might surprise readers/fans about you?

I'm not only an author, but a cover artist, Art Director and promotional guru. Also, I'm the convention director for the Authors After Dark convention.

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 Stella Price
Award winning best selling author

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Answer the following questions.

What is your favorite type of shifters do you enjoy reading and are you reading about one now?

A huge thanks to Ms. Stella Price for joining us at this year's authorpalooza!

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cmkempe said...

LOL -- Stella, you are always a hoot! We'll always know you two were at the start of the weresnake craze!

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Great interview! I liked the weresnakes in Entwined by Fate - I hope we'll get more weresnake stories!

Melanie said...

My favorite would be werewolves. I'm not reading a book about one now but I have a few on my reading list.

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Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I love reading about shifters! I find it interesting how the characters merge human and animal caracteristics and traits! Right now I'm not reading about weres but demons.

I also tweeted here:

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Tracey D