Monday, March 29, 2010

Patricia Briggs Promo and Giveaway!

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs
March 30th 2010
ISBN 9780441018192

All-new action in the #1 New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series

When mechanic and shapeshifter Mercy Thompson attempts to return a powerful Fae book she'd previously borrowed in an act of desperation, she finds the bookstore locked up and closed down.

It seems the book contains secret knowledge-and the Fae will do just about anything to keep it out of the wrong hands. And if that doesn't take enough of Mercy's attention, her friend Samuel is struggling with his wolf side-leaving Mercy to cover for him, lest his own father declare Sam's life forfeit.

All in all, Mercy has had better days. And if she isn't careful, she might not have many more to live...

Thanks to the wonderful people at PenguinGroup Publishing, I will be able to giveaway
three copies of Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega #2) by Patricia Briggs.

To enter you must tweet about this giveaway and use the hashtag #SilverBorne.  ( +5 )

You can also post on any other social networks i.e. blogs, FB, myspace, etc...( +4 )

And if we can get #SilverBorne trending on twitter, I will giveaway one copy of Silver Borne to one lucky commenter below (including those outside of the U.S. will be eligible for Silver Borne giveaway)  So please tweet #SilverBorne so we can show Patricia Briggs some tweeterlove!

+5 for each tweet a hello to @AceRocBooks and @PenguinUSA and say @Veronicatx sent you!
+25 Points to anyone who can get Patricia Briggs to leave/post a comment below.
+1 Add up points

Giveaway ends April 6th 2010.

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!


Marianna said...

Awesome contest! I love Briggs and her books. I am looking forward to reading Silver Borne!

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+1 total = 6

patronus89013 at yahoo dot com

Melanie said...

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Total = 11

Jennifer Mathis said...

I tweeted /meandi09 and tweeted a hello too

Robin K said...

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+4 Facebook:!/intensewhisper?v=feed&story_fbid=110171735667951&ref=nf

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15 Entries!

Now how to get Patricia to comment here? Hummmmm... How about a poem! Please Miss Briggs tell me if you like it :)

Shifting, twisting, a dark atoll
Lives dreaded in secret sorrow
The glimmering fae, deceiving, never true
Desperation pledged fear through
A mist descends...

Veronica said...

Hey Robin! If that poem doesn't work to Ms. Briggs, I don't know what will, lol!! Thanks!

Love the poem btw... ;-)


Kelsey said...

I tweeted with the hashtag.

Total: 6

Lisa R said...

+5 tweet about contest-alterlisa #SilverBorne

+5 tweeted hello-alterlisa
Hello @penguinpbks-- @Veronicatx sent me! Off to check out your blog!

Bells said...

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Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

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Nastassia said...

Thanks for having this giveaway!
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Cally Beck said...

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Rex Robot Reviews said... ( +5 )

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bianca_riot said...

thanks for the awesome giveaway!
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Entries: 16
Aussie entrant. :)

throuthehaze said...

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heatwave16 said...

Great contest!!!

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