Friday, May 7, 2010

The Vampire's Fated Kill of Mr. Gadget Man by Destiny Blaine - Press Release

The Vampire's Fated Kill of Mr. Gadget Man by Destiny Blaine
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy Steampunk MFM Romance
Heat Rating: Fire
Length: 18,500 words / 116 pages
Price: $3.75
Released May 7th from Shadowfire Press

When money, love, and neat little gadgets aren't enough, Carrie Montclair goes after blood.


Carrie Montclair is looking for something she can't find in a man she believes is her husband. But as her vampire transitioning period approaches, she realizes there is something unusual about her relationship with Steve Montclair and soon she understands why. She will ultimately be responsible for the notorious Mr. Gadget Man's demise.

With time ticking away and profits soaring from Steve's company of unusual steampunk gadgets, Carrie is reunited with her vampire mate, Stu. He arrives in Palm Beach with an agenda. The time has come for another clone to find sudden death and Stu wants Steve Montclair's execution more than anyone, but first Carrie and Stu will enjoy a ménage tryst to remember. When all is said and done, Carrie bites the cloned human and takes everything she's meant to have while looking toward the future with a vampire she's destined to love.


Her ruby curls fell in ringlets straight down her back. She reached around her neck and held her hair in a pony-tail fashion. "It's been five years, lover. I don't like working with humans."

"You fit in rather well, this time," he said, cupping her breasts. "I was impressed."

"You're always sated by my performances with the mortals."

"Aye, ‘tis true, lover." His thumbs rolled over her pointed nipples and he nipped at her nape. "Hmmm...What a sweet, perfect neck."

He licked her flesh, reliably finding her weak points, lavishing her with attention as he ran his hot thick tongue up and down her skin. The way he dragged her body against his cock while his mouth enticed her wasn't sensual and sexy but damn near crude. He meant for his actions to remind her of what she'd missed.

"Don't. Not yet."

He tilted his chin up and inhaled. "Ah but you're excited, darling. I smell your sweet arousal and sense your need."

Her mouth fell open in sudden surprise but noise didn't follow.

"You want me." Now, too, huh?

"Don't do that," she snipped.


"Get out of my head. You're in front of me. Use your mouth."

"How about I use my teeth? We can table the talking for later." He slapped her on the ass and moved toward the bedroom. "Start walking."

Carrie led Stu to the bedroom and gave him a playful shove. As quickly as his back met the mattress, her knee fell beside him and she straddled his middle.

"Ah lover, you know what I like," he rasped.

Her fingers walked over each of his buttons and with a lot of frustration put in play, she grew impatient and ripped the front of his shirt open, falling to his stomach with one fluid motion.

Her lips and tongue traced his perfect abs, following every ripple, savoring the perfection of his finely tuned muscles. Teasing him had always been her specialty and she licked at his covered cock, not minding the rough texture of the material separating them.

"Let me help you out," he offered, removing his belt and loosening his pants.

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