Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest Author Post: Sascha Illyvich

I want to thank Sascha Illyvich for this guest post. I hope to have more guest posts from Sascha and thank you for doing this.

Dress UP for Masturbation?

Does the idea of sensual dress arouse you? I bet it does. Does it excite you to put on your loveliest, sexiest pair of panties, wear a garter, stockings and cute bra in anticipation of sex? How about when you’re alone? Does it feel erotic to wear lingerie when you masturbate?

It does for me. Even as a cross dresser I will spend the time to throw on my thigh highs, favorite g-string or boyshort panties and a cute top all just for the sake of fantasy and pleasing myself. Sure it takes a few more moments to get ready for something that normally happens in the nude.

From a mental perspective, the feel of those clothes reminds us that we’re doing something special, often for someone else. But why not do something special for ourselves? Why not take the time to treat our bodies as the loving temples of sex we are? I’m not suggesting we spend large amounts of time in the bathroom prepping for that one event (though why not?) but at least take the time to treat ourselves well.

With me, masturbation can quickly grow into a routine and the way my mind works sexually is if I don’t change up the pattern every so often, mix up the fantasy, or explore something different, I get bored and it just becomes another thing on the “to do” list. Get groceries, clean, write, edit, masturbate, do laundry…make the bed, walk the dog, etc. Just one more chore.

Masturbation is healthy for us and if we’ve dedicated the entire month of May to it, why not spice things up by putting on our sexy lingerie that we spent good money on while we play just for ourselves? There is even an entire month dedicated to Masturbation! Why not spice it up with lingerie?

Some of you have seen me shopping for intimate apparel on twitter or facebook and it’s become a habit of mine to look for what turns me on. The clothes have to really look good on me as I am since I’m not a woman but a fetishist. I spent a lot of time denying myself sexual pleasure when I first began my sexual career but now use masturbation as a way to really see what I like and don’t like. The fantasies are numerous, the way I treat myself dressed in my finest lingerie feels erotic against my skin. Yes I’m a man, but I’m also a sensualist. I enjoy touch, different sensations. That’s why I’m into BDSM (at least partially) and enjoy the Lifestyle when I can.

Oh yeah, the clothes are great inspiration for writing too! And as an erotic romance author, they’re a tax write off!

I value myself, think I’m attractive and I look good dressed up. Or so I’m told by two submissives, two dominants and a few other close friends. So how about you? Would you spend the time to throw on your sexiest, most daring undergarments while you play with yourself?

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