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Review: Hallowed Circle by Linda Robertson

Hallowed Circle by Linda Robertson
Persephone Alcmedi, #2
Pocket Books
December 29th 2009
Available Formats: Ebook, Mass Market Paperpack
Pages: 384
ISBN10 1439156786 ISBN13: 9781439156780

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Book Description:

And you think beauty pageants are scary?

Persephone Alcmedi has been persuaded to compete for the position of High Priestess of the Cleveland, Ohio, coven -- now that the former priestess, Vivian Diamond, has strangely gone missing. Unfortunately, there are a few small problems with the idea. Not only does Seph know rather more about Vivian's disappearance than the other witches realize, but the epic struggle she's just survived has left her with some highly unusual powers -- ones that could be dangerous to reveal. Despite her reluctance, she agrees to participate, if only to prevent snooty Hunter Hopewell, an obnoxious but talented witch, from ending up in the winner's circle. Can Seph hide her secrets -- including her connection to the master vampire-wizard Menessos -- from the terrifyingly wise judges? Plus, there's her rock 'n' roll werewolf boyfriend, Johnny, and some angry fairies to deal with....
Once the competition begins, a finalist turns up dead. It looks as if one of the contestants is willing to do anything -- including murder -- to win. Suddenly Seph has even more on her plate than she thought: from solving a murder to working out what her new powers really are...and exactly why they're creating so much havoc in her love life.
My thoughts…
In the sequel of Vicious Circle, Persephone has been persuaded or more like guilt into competing for the new High Priestess of the Cleveland coven. She has not really dealt with the aftermath of receiving the mark from master vampire/wizard Menessos. This certainly has not helped with her budding romance with her boyfriend/werewolf Johnny.

Okay, I went in blind in this new book without having had the chance to read the first book, which has been hard for me finding a copy to buy.  Yet it had not stopped me from enjoying and reading this book. It has been a great pleasure reading this book. It surprised me at how much I loved Hallowed Circle. Persephone is one of a kind character who has everything a reader will love in a heroine. She is not the regular sarcastic strong-willed female characters. She is strong yet has soft and innocent side that has lots of people drawn in when they meet her. Even those who are competition cannot help but find a great ally in Persephone.
Hallowed Circle has lots of action, suspense, mystery and perfect bits of romance. Persephone could lose everything if her secrets come.. Yet depending on the situation, Murder becomes the main event at the competition. Seph’s wildest dreams can true but could the cost be too high of a price?
What else can I say that Hallowed Circle is becoming a new favorite of mine. I really hope to find a copy of the first book, Vicious Circle and of course the much anticipated upcoming new Fated Circle. I am debating one who should be with Seph but I am going to wait until I read the other books in this series. Menessos is very mysterious to me, while Johnny is more open, well at least most of the times. I can’t wait to see where Ms. Robertson will go with this love triangle. But I am betting that things can just get only better from now on.
Warning: Readers be warned that they too will have trouble putting this book down and why should they? A heroine having to fight her attraction to warm blooded werewolf and cold & mysterious vampire. . .yet again, why should she? And Hallowed Circle has just enough of comedy to mix it up to keep from losing reader’s interest.

I rate Hallowed Circle 4 out of 5 Stars.
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pattepoilue said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it even without reading book 1! I LOVE this series, you will love the other books in this series =)
I finished Fatal Circle 2 days ago and I'm in serious withdrawal! lol

Veronica said...

Thanks for leaving some comment love. I seriously can't wait to read the first and of course the newest book. Hopefully this weekend I can try to get my copies.

pattepoilue said...

I really hope you get them then =)Have a great day hon!