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Adrienne by D. Renee Bagby (Repost Review)

ADRIENNE by D. Renee Bagby Samhain Publishing
July 2007
ISBN 1-59998-523-3
Interracial Fantasy Romance

A Bron Universe novel

Adrienne Backett works as a teacher's aide at her college and all she wants to do is finish up and go home. She can finally be able to enjoy her time off for spring break vacation. But instead she finds herself being attacked by vengeful man who she reported to the dean for plagiarizing. He means to make her pay.

Malik, King of Ulan, has until his 25th birthday to find his bride or he must forfeit his throne. When a spell reveals her location, he sees his future queen being attacked. Malik angered goes to retrieve Adrienne. Not a very good way to meet your soul mate.

Adrienne can't believe she's being kidnapped. She is even outraged to discover that she is to be married within a week to a man she just met. Malik is thrilled to finally have found his mate. Now if only he can convince her that they are meant to be.

But no sooner do the happy couple began their new life as husband and wife, fate throws through a tailspin. Malik past comes back to haunt him. Strike two for Malik. Once again, he manages to smooth things over with Adrienne, and things quiet down and they are happy. Unfortunately for them they have spies among them and evil beings out to do them harm. Now that Malik has his wife, they will use whatever means necessary to destroy him. . . Adrienne.

I can't believe this book by new author, D. Renee Bagby--but from the looks of this book, ADRIENNE, she is going to lots of success in writing. ADRIENNE has plenty of everything in it. It has magic, romance, action, mystery and whole of a lot more. You'll have to read it to find out. Do not be turned off by the beginning part of the heroine's attack scene. This story will weave its magic over you just like it did me.

I enjoyed also the secondary characters like Khursid and Bayard who's keeping their relationship private until a curious young girl named Rena, discovers them.

There's a lot more I could say, but I don't want to ruin it for the readers. I can truly say that you too will love, ADRIENNE.

I give this a rating of 5 Stars.

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