Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist (Repost Review)

SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by Diana Holquist

Warner Forever
ISBN 978-0446617987
Romantic Comedy

What if you found out your one soul mate on earth as chosen by destiny was the world’s hottest movie star? Could you find the courage to leave your life behind and go after him? Are you sure?

Well that is a question Jasmine Burns is asking herself. Her psychic sister, Amy revealed Jasmine’s true love for a price. After much debating, Jasmine gives in and pays Amy to finally reveal her prince charming name. JOSH TOBY.

Josh Toby, famous actor but is tired of just being judge on his looks instead of his acting skills. He wants to be taken by fans and critics alike as a serious actor. With the help of his friend, Josh finds a way to disguise himself long enough as an unknown actor in a theater performance.

Jasmine refuses at first to help Josh but he manages to charm her to work with him. She doesn’t know how but Josh manages to bring out the best in her and overcome the issues that she’s dealt with over the years.

Josh falls for Jasmine and is prepare to do anything to make her his forever. But things get in his way like his pretend girlfriend, Cleo. Cleo, who claims to be in love with Josh.

Things finally work at despite the crazy and hilarious antics of the characters of SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. Diana Holquist has done it again by bringing fans the much anticipated sequel of Make Me a Match. Fans will be delighted with SEXIEST MAN ALIVE as a new fan like me.

Fans will be drooling over the cover but remember, that is just beginning of something amazing.

I give this a rating of 4 ½ Stars.

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