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Review - Dragon Moon by Rebecca York

Dragon Moon (Moon Series) by Rebecca York
Berkeley Sensation
October 6th 2009
ISBN # 978-0425230985
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Book Description

 As a werewolf, Talon is no stranger to secrets, and he can sense that the psychic Kenna is keeping something from him. But Talon is powerfully drawn to the mysterious stranger, and the urge to claim her is just as strong as the instinct to keep himself guarded.

With impossible secrets keeping them apart and the threat from the other world drawing near, their fate hangs in the balance— unless they can learn to trust each other.


Book Review:

Kenna is psychic from the distant universe. Kenna, along with thousands of people are being kept slaves by gruesome and terrible tyrant. The only thing keeping her alive is that she is useful to her ‘master.’ She is sent on a recon mission to discover what can be useful for her master. She just wants to do complete her mission so she can be able to survive.  The day she arrives on earth, Kenna finds trouble. Lucky for her--she meets her first earthling, Talon.

Talon is unlike any human. He too has secrets to keep. He finds a troubled woman caught in the forest by his home. He manages to save Kenna and bring her to his home. He feels drawn to his houseguest. Love is the last thing either expected to find.

Danger surrounds Talon and Kenna. Other forces are determined to get what the can out of Talon and Kenna.

Rebecca York is no strangers to readers. She has brought fans many hours of pleasures with her plentitude of novels. Now she brings readers her latest sensational addition to her Moon series, Dragon Moon.

In Dragon Moon, we are introduced to werewolf, Talon and alien psychic Kenna. They are both drawn to each other at first sight of one another. Neither can deny the passion that rises between them.

Danger is all around them. There are not many they can trust in this life and death situation Talon and Kenna are dealing with. Yet they somehow manage to find some new allies to help in their quest to survive the hell that is coming.

The common enemy, Vandar is not about to let his prey escape him. He is going to use what force necessary to win this fight. Vandar is definitely one vile and evil character whom I certainly would not want to ever meet face to face.

What no one can imagine is another ‘Vandar’ is living on earth. No one knows if he is friend or foe. Can Kenna really put her trust on someone with the face of the creature that has terrified her for years?

I have not read any of Rebecca York’s novels until now. She gives new readers such as much a mini history in this storyline of the supporting characters and series. It was enough to keep me from being lost yet the author did not overdo it and kept storyline flowing nicely.

I love that Dragon Moon has plenty of action, drama and with just the right amount of romance mixed in to keep many entertained.

Rebecca York has another bestseller on her hands with Dragon Moon.

I give Dragon Moon a rating of 5 Stars.

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About The Author:

Ever since she can remember, Rebecca York has loved making up stories full of adventure, romance, and suspense. As a child she corralled her friends into adventure games or acted out romantic suspense stories with a cast of dolls. But she never assumed she could be an author because she couldn't spell. Her life changed dramatically with the invention of the word processor and spelling checker--and the help of her husband, Norman Glick, who spots spelling errors from fifty paces away.

Rebecca enjoys cooking, walking, reading, gardening, rock collecting, travel, and Mozart operas.

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