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Authorpalooza Day 8 - Guest Author: Leslie L Sanders

I want thank the wonderful and amazing Leslie L. Sanders... who is not only a great writer but a dear friend as well. Thanks Leslie for being a part of my celebration here!


Thank you so much so having me here on Strictly Reviews and congrats on Strictly Reviews’ first anniversary. I’m so excited to be here.

In the literary world I am known as Leslie Lee Sanders. I like to describe myself as an author of fiction and fiction with spice because not all of my books are erotic in nature. Lately, I’ve been geared toward writing erotic romance mostly in the gay and ménage categories. My novellas What a Girl Wants and Impersonating Sam were recently contracted by Blade Publishing. Impersonating Sam will be available sometime this year.

How long have you been writing?

Most authors say that they been writing since elementary school and I am one of those authors. Sixth grade really sticks out to me because I fell in love with Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. Sixth grade is when I first started writing scary stories of my own. Since then writing and creating characters and their worlds kind of stuck with me.

What was your reactions when you heard your first book was going to be published?

My very first book was self-published in 2005. Then, it was great to finally hold my creation in my hand. I actually kissed the book and thought that was the greatest day of my life. I was seeing my dream come true; a book with my name on it in print!

What's one day in the life of Leslie Lee Sanders like?

Lately my days have been a little hectic. I juggle family and career but always aim to have a little fun throughout the chaos. I write any chance I get but I am a caregiver for disabled adults part-time. I have two girls with another on the way and a husband I take care of daily. So, life is hectic for sure.

Do you have a current project you’re working on or something you plan to begin soon?

I have too many projects. I’m currently working on two full novels, one is nearly finished. I have several short stories and novellas in the making. Those are mostly in the erotic romance category. And I’m still trying to sneak in updated stories for my erotic website TAC or Three’s a Crowd. There’s a lot on my plate but I don’t worry . . . I always manage to finish.

In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of being a published author?

Living up to the expectations of my readers and not disappointing. It’s very easy to produce crap but when you’re published people expect the best from you. Of course, producing your best is challenging. It takes a lot of time, patience, skill and determination.

What’s the most rewarding?

Reading the occasional fan mail that says how great one of my books or characters are. There’s nothing like that feeling. I printed out one particular piece of fan mail and attached it to my work board in my office. It’s very encouraging to read every now and then. I love fan mail.

If you could co-author a book with any of your fellow authors or anyone from anywhere, who would you choose and why?

I would like to co-author with a male author who writes gay fiction, someone like Ryan field or Matthew Haldeman-Time. I enjoy reading and writing about boys who like boys (or boys who like boys and girls). In my experience I’ve found that some male authors of gay fiction have a different perception of the gay theme than some female authors. When comparing the two I find that some women’s gay characters are more emotional and sensitive in love, while some men’s gay characters are more sex driven and stumble into love. But it’s never consistent which I love! When writing my own gay fiction sometimes my characters are more emotional sometimes they’re more sexual. Either way, co-authoring with a male author of gay fiction makes me feel like they might know a little something that I don’t. In the end it might make for very memorable, three dimensional, well-rounded characters.

(Some of those so-called male authors could be female authors hiding behind a pseudonym for this very reason. I call that brilliance! In my up-coming release, Impersonating Sam, one of my male characters actually writes under a female pseudonym because he worries about how readers would react knowing a man is the creator of a sexy, seductress named Sam.)

Describe your writing process.

I start with a critical moment, the climax, a twist or secret and create a story around that idea. Then instead of summarizing the whole story, I write the blurb or several blurbs to motivate me and guide me. Then I open the story with the problem or immediate action. Doing so helps me stay motivated and interested in writing more. After opening with action I continue to write. Whatever comes to mind I put in on the screen. Later I will rewrite, add or cut parts and thoroughly edit but my initial focus is on writing down that great idea and the story surrounding it till I get to the end.

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever visited?

Wow, hmm. Sadly, I never really explored outside of Arizona much. The most interesting thing that I’ve experienced was a three day drive back from Georgia to Arizona with then boyfriend (now hubby) from meeting his family. I never had done anything like that before. It was my first time visiting Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico in a three day stretch.

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

As I mentioned before, Impersonating Sam should be available sometime this year. Unfortunately I don’t have a release date yet as we’re just beginning the publishing process. To stay updated on the release of Impersonating Sam or any other projects of Leslie Lee Sanders visit her website:  or her TAC blog:

Impersonating Sam blurb:

Sunni’s boyfriend just left her for another man. Heartbroken, the only ones who can comfort her is her best friend Joseph and his lover Ben. While struggling to overcome her pain, she struggles to understand her intense crush on Joseph and his sexual relationship with Ben.

Knowing her feelings for Joseph, the boys suggest they share a passionate night of sex to help heal Sunni’s broken heart. Sunni is hesitant as she struggles with her boyfriend’s betrayal, but thoughts of being enveloped in Joseph’s arms mercilessly nags at her.

Then Sunni stumbles upon Joseph’s erotic novel and it helps her realize the opportunity she could miss. With help from the novel’s sexy character Sam, Sunni soon realizes that being someone else might give her the emotional strength she’s been lacking. By taking on another’s persona, could she finally get over her losses and have her very own happily ever after in love?

What a Girl Wants blurb:

Trisha has a lot on her mind and it all relates to her material possessions. Her neighbor Kato tries convincing her that he can make her happy, as her lover, but she’s convinced that he has nothing to offer. Later he shows up with a gift and her desire peaks. She can’t refuse the gift or him.

But they both have secrets.

Trisha’s been sleeping with Kato’s best friend, Bryson. He’s the rough bad boy that knows what a girl wants. But when the boys put on a late night window show, she’s left aroused and surprised. Is Kato sleeping with Bryson too?

Feelings start to emerge which leaves her confused and intrigued. She’s an exhibitionist with an obsession for material things, and two gorgeous men want her. Can she erase her greedy side? Can she make them all one happy trio?

Bonus Time!!

But . . . because Impersonating Sam isn’t available yet, Leslie will give one lucky commenter a choice. The winner can pick from my recent novella What a Girl Wants (e-book) or wait to receive Impersonating Sam (e-book). And as soon as she receives copies of the final product she will email it to the winner. Either way a book is up for grabs! Decisions, decisions . . .

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And answer question below.

Do you read any M/M of F/F novels? And if the chance that you do..which one was the last one your read or are you reading one now?
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Rosie said...

I've never read any strictly M/M or F/F books, but have read plenty of M/F/M, starting way back with Menage by Emma Holly. But I'm always open to reading anything.

I'm a follower, but I don't twitter.

Leslie Lee Sanders said...

I'm not a big fan of F/F books. It's not really popular in erotic romance, at least not as much as M/M and menage.

But my favorite, by far, is M/M/F menage reads. I think you get something different in every read instead of the same M/F love scenes that are slightly predictable to me.

But, of course, I'm open to reading anything as well. I don't just read and write erotic romance either. lol.

Thanks for commenting, Rosie!

Veronica said...

I am not a fan of F/F either but decided to include in the chance there might be other who stop by here might enjoy a little F/F.

Nastassia said...

I love M/M books , I'm not that into F/F books though . The last M/M book I read was ePistols at Dawn by Z.A.Maxfield.


elaing8 said...

I've read a few M/M books,but mostly M/F/M.
I am reading Catch Me If You Can by LB Gregg


Leslie Lee Sanders said...

Both of those books sound like good reads. Art thieves and online stalkers eguals ... very interesting.

Currently I'm trying to finish up An Officer and His Gentlemen by Ryan Field. Good stuff.

Thanks for stopping by Nastassia and elaing8!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

One of the best things about this Authorpalooza is that I discover some new authors which I haven't heard of before, and thanks to the recommendations my TBR list is exploding! ;-)

Until now I have only read one M/M novel: Ménage by Emma Holly.

Both these books sound exciting! and yummy! :-D

Please enter me, I tweeted here:

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

ps. sorry copied the wrong link, here is where I tweeted about this interview:

Leslie Lee Sanders said...

Thanks Stella, for the "exciting and yummy" comment! Good luck!

Melanie said...

I haven't read any M/M or F/F novels but I want to try one out. :))
Loved the interview and the books sound awesome!!

I tweeted:

Leslie Lee Sanders said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, Melanie. Thank you for your comment and good luck! :-)

JoJo said...

What a girl wants was my first M/M/F read. i must tell ya i blushed enough i think the characters saw it! LOL Great Read! Can't wait for your new release!
My first M/M was State of Mind by Libby Drew. Also great read!
Thanks for sharing
Tweeted here:
jojosbookcorner at gmail dot com

Leslie Lee Sanders said...

Aw, JoJo. I'm glad you gave it a read and liked it! Believe me I blushed when I wrote it. lol. I really did. *blush*

Thanks for your comment. Good luck!