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The True Love Quilting Club by Lori Wilde - Book Review

The True Love Quilting Club by Lori Wilde
Avon Books
ISBN: 0061808903
April 13, 2010
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"The pattern of a quilt will always lead you back home."

Trixie Lynn Parks changed her name to Emma, shook the dust of Twilight, Texas, off her shoes, and vowed to make it big in the city. But after twelve years of shattered dreams, she heads back to the ladies of the True Love Quilting Club . . . and to her first love, Sam Cheek.

Some things—and some people—sure have changed. Sam has grown from a carefree boy to a single dad. And even though the chemistry between them sizzles hotter than ever, Trixie Lynn quickly discovers she must choose between the fame and fortune that have finally come her way—or the one true love who has the power to mend her patchwork heart.

My Thoughts

Emma aka Trixie had lots of emotional baggage with her mother abandonment and cold treatment of her father. The only true peace and enjoyment she's experience is with her friend/first love, Sam Cheeky.

She's never lived in a place long enough because of her father always moving them. Trixie is hoping and praying that she'll stay long enough in Twilight to have a real home.

Trixie is one hellcat that has longed to be what her mother always wanted her to be... a star. She's come a long way from Twilight, Texas but never made it to the big time. A scandal lands her in deep trouble. And just as things can't get any worse for her, opportunity comes a-knocking. What is even more shocking where her new job is located... in Twilight.

She arrives in Twilight to find herself being dragged by a huge beast on to find herself face to face with her first love… Sam.

Sam has had to deal with a lot since he last seen Emma. He's kept track over the years but never expected to see her again. And when sees Emma… he can't help but feel the sparks between them heat up. Now that they are adults the sparks are even hotter.

Trixie/Emma is such a dynamic character that you don't know if you want to cheer her on or slap her silly. She is just what the doctor ordered for Sam. It’s truly amazing how well they click. Not to mention also how well Sam's son is crazy about Trixie.

Oh boy, do I ever love the character of Sam… He's just scrumptiously sexy hot and sigh-worthy leading male character.

I was very happy to see Beau make a few appearances in this sequel. I really hope that Lori will give Beau a chance to shine and get his own book and of course his own leading lady.

There are lots of cute and cheesy scenes in this book but Lori just makes it work perfectly. I didn't dare put this book down until the very end. True Love Quilting Club is a remarkable story with such delightful and unforgettable characters. The secondary characters in this book just made the flow of the storyline even more amazing whenever the ladies of the quilting club got together. True Love Quilting Club is a wonderful addition to the Twilight, Texas series.

I give True Love Quilting Club a 4 out of 5 Star rating.

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Virna said...

Thanks for the review. I picked up this book and can't wait to read it!!

Veronica said...

Thanks for your comment. You should check out the previous book in this series to. The Sweethearts' Knitting Club too. :)