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Call for Submissions - - - Just Another Paranormal Halloween

Call for Submissions- -Just Another Paranormal Halloween

Just Another Paranormal Halloween ——Please note the title change. We hope to go to print with this title pending publisher approval.

The moderators of Just Another Paranormal Monday invite you to submit your short stories in a special call for submissions. Guidelines are posted below. Number of stories accepted will later be determined.

Please, do not send us your simultaneous submissions. Multiple submissions are considered for authors who carry several pen names or wish to submit more than one project. Publishers will be contacted with a proposal based on the anticipated number of stories submitted and response to the call for submissions.

Please note the following change: Due to the economy and other factors, the first call for submissions will be one where authors will profit directly from their work. The percentage received will be determined by the publisher securing the project and subject to industry standards.

The anthology will feature Halloween paranormal short stories with a romantic suspense undertone. We want interesting submissions that surprise the reader. Give us your vampires, ghosts, shape-shifters or any other paranormal creature.
However, for this project, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN DEMONS.

We want this anthology to appeal to the vast majority without limitations. Due to current market trends, we aren't accepting F/F submissions at this time. Those submitting M/M or ménage stories must have a current readership or show a plot that can certainly stand on its own merit without these elements.

The story must take place at or around Halloween. We love sub-genres and your story can take place at any time - past, present, future. We're looking for a good variety of bizarre and intricate stories that celebrate the combination of paranormal and romantic suspense while appealing to a wide audience.

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please include:

Your full manuscript attached as an RTF file. Your polished manuscript should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Include a one page letter of introduction including your published works, a brief bio and a summarized paragraph of the story you're including in your attachment.

Include a title page with your real name, pen name, and contact information. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE MODERATORS TO KNOW YOUR REAL NAME, it's fine to include ONLY your pen name. However, a publisher will require—as you know—your real name upon signing. That means, if we decide to offer a contract and publish the work ourselves, then we'll need your real name. At this point in the game, we have several publishers in mind, all of which have good reputations in the industry and our goal is to publish through a traditional e-publisher.

Format your submission as follows:

1. Attach your RTF formatted manuscript using Arial, Book Antigua or Times New Roman 12 pt. font

2. POV and scene breaks must be individually marked (One* for POV, **** for scene break)
3. No headers or footers are necessary

4. Attach your manuscript as follows: TITLE_YOUR NAME_WORD COUNT_

5. Subject line should follow the same format: Title_Your Name_Word Count_

6. Submit your paranormal romantic suspense short story to submissionsparanorm almonday@ and CC: destinyblaine@

*We seek single titles but are open to a short story that may be the beginning of a series you have planned or a prequel to an existing title. *

We will consider first and third person stories for this particular project.

Please keep in mind, we're looking for a variety of stories and while we like scorching hot manuscripts, typical industry no-nos are in full force here. Don't cross the ick-factor line. If in doubt, ask.

There will be several readers considering your submission and regardless of who you are or where you're published, your story will receive a very fair evaluation. We want as many JAPM members included as possible. With that in mind, stories will go through an editing process that JAPM moderators have in place.

You must be familiar with TRACK CHANGES in order to submit. After our editing process, your manuscript will go through our publisher's editing process as well.

Submissions open February 1st and close April 1st 2010. Late submissions will be deleted, unread.

We've decided to keep our Christmas project completely separate from our Halloween Call for Submissions. Our Christmas project—Just Another Paranormal Christmas—will detail something entirely different than Just Another Paranormal Halloween.

The 2010 Christmas project will be a fundraiser for charity and one to benefit children which means our call for Christmas submissions will limit the heat level. Due to the vast differences in each project, our call for Christmas submissions will post after we close submissions for the Halloween anthology. This makes more sense due to time factors and pressing deadlines we may face for the Halloween project.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing! We want to hear from you!

The Moderators of Just Another Paranormal Monday

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