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I Wish He Might by Samantha Hunter -- Review

I Wish He Might by Samantha Hunter
Blazing Bedtime Stories Vol. #4
Harlequin Publishing
March 2010
Paranormal Romance Anthology
ISBN: 978-0373795291

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Nina Larson has a personal genie...seductive, sexy Alec! Her every wish is his command...and does she ever have some X-rated wishes! Each desire he fulfills propels her into another, even hotter one. But Nina holds the key to Alec’s freedom. Problem is, she’s not sure she can surrender the most fantastic sex of her life.

My Thoughts

Nina is reporter at less the respectable newspaper after losing her position a top and well known established newspaper. Nina lost her job and her lover at the same time. Nina is now trying to work her way back but until then she’s stuck. Her current boss assigns her to find if there is any truth to what many women around their city are saying about a ‘genie’ granting wishes making their desires come true.

Nina doesn’t believe the woman she’s currently interviewing about the genie making her three wishes come true. Nina discovers a ring unaware that this is what binds the genie to his master.

Alec is tired of life granting wishes to all his masters’ petty desires. That is until he meets Nina. Alec is immediately attracted to Nina who is still trying to get over her ex. Alec proves to Nina that what he is true. He grants Nina a wish that shows her that she should be careful what you wish for.

The more Nina spends time with Alec the more she sees her falling for him. Nina decides to give up the story on the ‘genie’ unaware of her boss’s true intention behind Nina’s assignment.

Nina is a heartbroken yet stick by the book woman who has spent way too much hiding herself from the world by work. She soon realizes that she must get over her ex if she is to move on with her life.  But she is still stuck on her past relationship with her ex-lover.

Alec is one sweet and sexy genie. I love how patient he is with Nina coming to terms regarding her ex.  Things take a dangerous twist when one of Alec’s fellow friend/genie is missing. Alec soon realizes play time is over and he must do whatever it takes to find him especially after discovering his friend isn’t the only one missing.

I enjoyed how the author mixes in some danger along with her smoky hot romance for Alec and Nina. It has the perfect amount of steamy loves scenes to heat up more than one room.

I Wish He Might is one fast and crazy rollercoaster of love.

I give I Wish He Might a 4 star rating.

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