Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Donna Grant's Special Contest

Most will be familiar with how this works because these kinds of contests have been going on for months now. So here is how this will work…

There are four ways to enter, and you can enter multiple times, using any combination of these ways.

1: At the top of this post is a widget for Lucan’s book, and at the side is a countdown widget. If you post one of those on your blog, Facebook, Myspace page or your website, that will count as an entry (just click the “share” button at the bottom of each widget). Put one in more than one place, and that counts as more entries. Mention this contest in your blog and link to it, and that’s another entry. Just come back here and leave a comment with the links to where you put the widgets – a new comment for each link please! (If you’ve already put up one of the widgets, that still counts…just tell me where.)

2: If you don’t have a Facebook page, a Myspace page, or a blog/website (or even if you do,) you can still enter in two ways! Just leave a comment somewhere - on a blog or a message board, LibraryThing, Twitter - whatever, about DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER or this contest. (Please make sure that the comment is appropriate and not violating any rules.) Come back and leave a new comment and link for each instance. Each instance counts as a separate entry.

3: You can also review one of my books…on Amazon or B&N or Library Thing or Shelfari…wherever. It doesn’t matter whether the review is positive or negative. I would just appreciate your opinion. Then come back and leave a comment with the link. Must be new reviews, starting when this contest opens.

4: I will be having special guests come and blog during the next month. Check out the posts each day and comment to a blog if your want to win. You’ll have to come back everyday to see who is here and what they’re giving away.

So what can you win? I’ll pick winners on December 30th for the following:

1st place: $100 Barnes & Noble gift card
2nd place: $50 B&N gift card
3rd place: $25 B&N gift card
4th place: Autographed copy of either MUTUAL DESIRE or THE PLEASURE OF HIS BED
5th place: Goodie pack with bookmarks, cover flats, and other promo

Contest officially starts Sunday, November 29, 2009 and ends Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at midnight. Thanks to everyone for helping me get the word out!

Important note: You must be at least 18 in order to enter any portion of the contest.

You must head over to
Donna Grant's blog here
to enter and get other details.
Hurry Contest Ending Soon!!

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